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Our Mission

Building a sound independent community bank that exceeds customer, employee and shareholders expectations.

Our Story

Frontier Community Bank was founded on the principle of finding “a new way to bank the old-fashioned way.” The idea started with a tenacious grassroots effort by twelve civic-minded residents from Augusta County who gathered the support of more than 700 community members to create a locally owned and managed financial institution. With this lofty goal in mind, they worked diligently to make their idea a reality. In 2008, their dream was realized when the doors of Frontier Community Bank opened for the first time. The tellers, managers, and executives you meet today at Frontier Community Bank are more than just bankers. We are people on a mission to carry out the original vision that Frontier Community Bank was founded on. You trust us with more than just your money; you trust us with your personal and business dreams. In return, our promise is to always:

  • Provide a personalized banking experience for everyone
  • Support the growth and development of every community we serve
  • Deliver unprecedented customer service to support value-driven products
  • Treat customers as individuals and not merely as a transaction